YOU WILL WANT TO  BE qualified for a mortgage  prior to beginning

      your search.   Please call me.  I can help you with this process, too.


           WHEN SELLING YOUR HOME, let me provide you with sales comparisons

      to determine the market value of your home.


          WHEN SELLING YOUR HOME, you will want to have it listed prior to

     beginning your search for a new home.     


          WHEN SELLING YOUR HOME, have an objective eye and pack up those

     non-essentials early.  Buyers may consider unnecessary items as clutter.


          DO YOU HAVE CASH ON HAND for an earnest-money deposit?   While it

     is not required by Alabama law, buyers usually will not entertain an

     offer without a check showing good faith. 


          WHEN BUYING A HOME, do pay for a home inspection.            


          WHEN BUYING A HOME, use a qualified technician if there are

     any issues with the heating and air systems.


     WHEN BUYING A HOME, have the roof inspected by a qualified roofing

     contractor if there are any issues found in the home inspection.     


           WHEN BUYING A HOME, pay for an updated survey if anything has

      been added to the property; such as, bushes, trees, a fence, or

      an outbuilding. 


           CONSIDER USING THE SERVICES of a professional real estate agent.

     Why?  75-80% of all homes are sold by Realtors.